“Lance & Mary, Words cannot describe our sincere gratitude for all you have done for our wedding. The Wedding Video truly could not be any more perfect – bringing back all of the amazing emotions from the best day of our lives…Thanks for everything! Jordan & Shaye”
“Hi Lance, Just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful wedding video! We watched it this past weekend with my family and cannot believe the way you captured our special day!!!  It’s so perfect, and something we will truly treasure forever. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in editing our film.  We were so surprised at all the extra footage you gave us.  We have already given the dvd to many family members and have received soooo many compliments.  My father-in-law just told me last night that that is one of the best films he’s ever seen, they both loved it so much.
Thank you again! Jenna”
“Lance and Mary- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Carl and I watched the video last night  and loved it! I can’t wait to talk to Abbie and Dean. We couldn’t have asked for more- you covered everything. It was fun seeing the things I missed because I was talking to the guests. We are so happy that I ran across your business on the computer. It was serendipitous!!”
Maggie-Mother of the Bride
“We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful wedding video! We have watched it over and over again.  Our wedding day went by so fast and we hardly had time to stop and take it all in, so your video helped capture all those little moments we did not catch during the day! We were so pleased with the video and it has been so fun sharing with our family and friends as well.  We really appreciate everything you did and all your hard work! The video will be cherished for a lifetime.  We can’t wait to share with our own children someday.  Thank you again for everything!! We can’t thank you enough.  Hope all is well with you and your family!
Sincerely, Susan and Steve Sitkowski”
“Dear Lance and Mar: How can we ever thank you for the blessing of our wedding video…I watch it with Kyle several times a week (the music video) and it was such a joy to show to so many people around the county who have been following our relationship….You filmed and beautifully edited so many details I would have forgetten. I love being able to press play whenever I have time and re-live the memories. Thank you for getting it ready for our CA reception. Lance, your attitude during the wedding was professional and fun. Thank you so much for sharing your skills with us!
Forever grateful”
Hope Fori
“Just wanted to let you know we LOVE our DVD’s and all the work you did. You captured some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime….Thanks again for being such a blessing and all your hard work!
God Bless”
~Ashley Buck Waterson
“Thank you so very much for capturing our moments. We love our DVD and are very excited to share with all of our family. We have mailed them out today!”
~Jerry & Gayle
“We just wanted to thank you again for doing such an amazing job with our wedding video. We absolutely love it and will cherish it forever. It was especially nice to be able to send copies to family members who were not able to attend. Thanks again and you have our recommendation!”
~Andrew & Amanda Riebe

“Thank you so much for the DVDs! We absolutely LOVE IT!!! We all had such a good time watching it over Thanksgiving!!! It was everything I hoped for and more! I think I have watched the first part that is to music almost 10 times now!
…We really appreciate everything you did for us, and we are so thankful to have this DVD so we will always remember our special day. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!!
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!!! Thanks again!!!”
~Ally & Ryan


(via TXT) “Just watched our Master DVD! You guys are AWESOME! It’s Amazing and we LOVE it. We are reliving the entire day!”

~ Angie & Steve


“Lance & Mary we finally watched the DVD Friday night and we absolutely love it all! We can’t wait to take them home and show our families and give them their copies!!! We are so thrilled and thankful that you were our videographers for our wedding! You were both so kind, easy going, flexible, and made us really feel like it was our day! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! You truly are talented!”
~ Jessica & Anthony


“We love our wedding DVDs! We can’t express how much we appreciate all you did for our wedding and providing us such great videos to remember our perfect day! Thanks so much.”

~Jennifer & Shay


“We finally watched the video Friday night and we absolutely love it all!! I can’t wait to take it home and show my family and give them their copies!!! We are so thrilled and thankful that you were our videographer for our wedding! You were both so kind, flexible, and made us really feel like it was our day! Thank you! You truly are talented!”

~Jessica & Anthony


“Working with Lance Clark for our wedding was one of the best decisions we made during our wedding process.  We met with many videographers but none seemed as professional, personable, or determined to capture our personalities as Lance.   Lance was a wonderful presence the day of the wedding.  He captured all of the little details that without his camera we would not remember or have seen making the effort to ensure that guests and wedding party members felt comfortable with the camera.  His finished product was more than we could have ever hoped for.  Lance captured the mood, spirit, and details of our day in a way that has allowed us to relive our wedding every time we watch it. His finished product showcased the elegance, sincerity, and fun-filled spirit of the day.  Furthermore, the many copies that he gave us have allowed us to share our wedding day with friends and family who for various reasons could not be with us that day.  Many who have watched the video have commented on the professional yet personal nature of the video.  I would recommend Lance’s work to anyone who wishes to be able to preserve their day.  He was wonderful to work with and I am so glad that we forever have that record of our marriage to share with friends, family, and our future children.”



“Jake and I just finished eating pizza and watching the video, he loved it also and thought you guys did a phenomenal job.  He said he was so glad we decided to go with a videographer because he can’t wait to show it to our kids one day.  Again thank you for everything, your company is amazing!  And thank you so much for all the extra dvd’s.  I know our families and wedding party will be excited to have their own copies.”


“Lisa and I love the DVD that you made. It was amazing and we have watched it like a milliontimes!!Thank you so much for everything that you did, we appreciate it and know can cherish our wedding forever!”

Thanks again ~ Josh


“Lance, our wedding DVD’s are absolutely phenomenal. We watched it three times the first day.
I have already referred two people to you last week. Thanks again for everything.”
~Katie Kelly
“Dear Lance,  I wanted to let you know that Alex and I received your package of DVDs yesterday evening!  We are sooo excited to watch all of the footage, but Alex and I agreed to only view it together…it may take a few days with us working!  So far, we have made it through the music video and ceremony!  We LOVE what we have seen so far!  we can’t wait to see the rest and distribute the thank you dvds to our family and friends. I am not sure if you know WHY we chose to film or wedding day.  In October 2007, I was baptised into the Greek Orthodox Church.  A huge ritual with an adult baptismal font, water and all!  Needless to say, I was scared and nervous.  Everything went fine, so I am told.  After looking at all of the still photos taken of that day, I realized that I really couldnt remember any of the actual ceremony!  Alex’s dad shot a few mini-videos from his digital camera.  If not for those videos, I wouldn’t have remembered ANYTHING.  Everybody talked about how beautiful the baptism was…but I, the one baptised, couldn’t remember!   I always thought that video was silly, honestly, my family too.  But, that situation made me see how important and special video could be.  It takes you RIGHT there!  So, while not in our original wedding budget, I struggled to present this to my parents and Alex.  For Alex, the issue of findng someone who he could trust with the specifics of the Greek Orthodox ceremony were just as important as the funding.   I thought it would be a lost cause, especially in a smaller town like Fort Wayne.  But when we passed you and Mary at the bridal show in January 2008, I just couldn’t believe it!   I couldn’t believe that you were previewing an Orthodox ceremony, at the very church we were to be married in!  We were so impressed with you and your work on their wedding!  There was no doubt that you would shoot our wedding with compassion and integrity, Lance! You and your crew were a dream to work with on our wedding day!  I knew then that what you were doing would be so special to us.  My parents loved their dvds.  In fact, my dad mentioned that there is no need for still photography if you could just re-live it with video!  I think that the day was soo fast and busy for all of us, that we are thankful to slow it down, re-visit it, and relish in the day!  I cannot wait to view all of the footage and see what surprises are in store!  I think that you definitely captured the joy and togetherness we all felt!    You can bet on a testimonial, Lance!  You did a great job!  I will be sure to e-mail you once we have viewed all of the footage! Thank you so much.”



“Lance, our wedding DVD’s are absolutely phenomenal. We watched it three times the first day. I have already referred two people to you last week. Thanks again for everything.”



“Michael and I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work on our video. This video means so much to us based on our current situation (Michael is in the Navy). Thanks for going above and beyond. Your work is outstanding and very much appreciated!”

~Christina & Michael


“We just finished watching our son’s wedding DVD and had to write to thank you for such a wonderful job. It was a very special “Christmas” gift to us.”

~Mrs. Paine, Mother of Groom


“We got our videos this week and can’t wait to share it. Happy New Year and thank you so much for capturing our day. We will cherish it forever.”

~Stephen & Barb


“We watched our DVD and it is absolutely beautiful!! You did an amazing job capturing our day. It was amazing seeinghow much of it I didn’t remember b/c everything flew by so fast that day. Thanks again for everything.”

~Jennifer & Scott


“We watched our wedding DVD and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much for filming our wedding day. We could not ask for more. Thanks again and take care.”

~Andrew & Ashley


“I laughed and cried with joy when I watched the wedding DVD!  We are having family over Wednesday to watch it with us (some of them had children in the wedding).
Thank you so much for all you have done for both weddings, like we all keep saying I wish we had another child to get married so we could hire you to do the wedding!  Thank you so much.  I can’t imagine not having the weddings on DVD and I’d hate for other people to miss out on such wonderful memories!  Andrew called the other night and wanted to know what we were doing and I said “Watching your wedding again!” and he said “Isn’t it funny you don’t get tired of watching it?”  🙂 Thank you again Lance!”
~ Pam Elpers, Mother of Groom


“We just got done watching the wedding video & then just spent the last several hours watching the bonus footage.  Wow!  What can I say but thank you so much for such a wonderful keepsake that you created.  Your work is outstanding, this is something we will treasure forever!  Jeni & Kevin echo our sincere thanks! I’m just sad that this is our last daughter to get married!  We’d work with you again without a doubt.”

~Carla , Mother of Bride


“The video absolutely ROCKS!!!!! We watched the edited dvd and just loved it. We also showed the music video to some friends last night and they just couldn’t believe the quality! WOW!!!!! Thank you so much, Lance and Mary!”

~Cliff and Jean


“We just finished both DVD’s last week and we absolutely love them. You did an amazing job with the video and we could not be happier with the final result. We will always cherish this keepsake and it will be so neat to show this to our kids one day. Thank you for all that you did. We are extremely gratefully.”

~Chad and Jenni


“We just wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for the spectacular job you did on our wedding video!  You perfectly “captured the romance” of our special day!  We will now be able to cherish all the memories and details of this day forever!  We couldn’t have asked for anything more! Thanks again.”
~Jason and Tiffany


“Last fall as we prepared for our daughter to get married we had to pick someone to take the wedding pictures. Of course as the father of the bride I had very little input on this choice. I believe with a digital camera when you snap off 3000 pictures anybody ought to be able to get 150 good ones. I’ve yet to see them but I’m sure they’ll be great.When the subject of video came up I said “there’s no way we are doing video after what we’ve just spent. Not going to happen.” Of course I was vetoed. Unlike the pictures we’ve seen the video over and over and over. It’s absolutely the best money we’ve spent on Ashley’s wedding. It’s like watching a movie like the “Titanic”. The music, emotion, behind the scenes and special moments were perfect. We got to see and enjoy things we would never have been able to without this video.Lance and Mary are truly gifted, and I just want to thank them for making this so special for our entire family and friends to enjoy. I wish we would have had the rehearsal dinner done as well.”

~Terry  “Father of the Bride”


“Thank you so much for taking the time to be a part of our wedding day. Because of your dedication to our wedding, we now have an amazing video which catches both our love for each other and of our faith in God on this special day. The video is beautiful and we cannot express how grateful we are!’

~Matt & Kristen


“Dear Lance and Mary. We can never thank you enough for the incredible job you did on Phil and Katie’s wedding video. We all relived the day as we watched it! What a blessing to have a record of the covenant they made that day. We appreciate your generosity more than you will know!”

~Jay & Deb (Parents of the Bride)


“Dear Lane and Mary. I wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful job you did at Jenna and Jeremy’s wedding. You made Tom and I very happy and blessed us with a memory we will always cherish. I must admit, the wedding video was the last thing we focused our attention on, and almost did not have one because of the cost. However, after reading that the biggest regret of most couples on their wedding day was not having a wedding video to look back at, we decided to look into it a little more. I thought maybe this would be a nice wedding gift for the bride and groom. After meeting with the two of you, I was very excited. Your work impressed me, and you did not disappoint me with the wonderful work you did at our daughter’s wedding, also! So, please, let me say thank you again; we so appreciated everything you did to make our daughter’s wedding one of the most special days in our life!”

~Tom & Donna (Parents of the bride)


Terri and I would like to thank you for the wonderful service you provided on our wedding day. We have now watched the entire video including the bonus footage, which I might add, is just as important as the movie itself! Words cannot explain how satisfied each of us are with your work. We would like to let your future clients know that they have nothing to worry about if they are thinking of taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity that you offer. Lets face it, we all have heard horror stories about videographers being late or not showing up at all. This was not the case with L.C. Media. You were on time, and completed everything you said you would do and more. We cannot think of anything that should have been done differently. The slide show was also another fine example of professionalism. Once again we thank you for doing an excellent job!!

~Sincerely Phillip & Terri


“The video tuned out beautiful! We are so excited to have these memories captured in such a beautiful manor. I cry every time I watch it (I’ve watched it a lot)! My mom and my husband’s mom both cried and it even made one of my bridesmaids cry. It is just so special and we are glad that we hired you to capture our special moments on video. I had originally thought that we did not need a video because we were going to have photographs, but I just never expected that it would mean so much to us to have something so great to actually capture our feelings from that day! I will refer your company to all of my friends and family and  I will suggest to all couples that are getting married that they have a video made because they will not regret it. This video was well worth the price as it is hard to put a price on something so special.  Thanks again for capturing the happiest day of our lives…so far!”

~The Hintons


“The wedding video is just incredibly FABULOUS! You did a super job with the editing, and the music sounds wonderful. What a treasure this will be for so many years! The prequel is lovely and of course the non-stop music prelude with ‘behind the scene’ inserts is much appreciated. 🙂 It is exactly what Abby and I wanted. She keeps raving about the music (remember that she didn’t get to hear too much of it that day). THANK YOU! On Saturday she was so excited that she called both families and asked for a time to gather after lunch yesterday. Immediate family members met after lunch for the initial viewing of the edited version. Nine of us watched together and enjoyed re-living the day. Abby was crying before the prequel was finished! (Good job!) There were a few other tears…laughter…and just lots of fun. We especially liked: the music backgrounds, the slow-motion effects, the terrific close-ups, the capturing of details (eg.–window decor at church w/ votive candles), the great prelim. scenes (church exterior, too), the ceremony ranges from platform to balcony, the coverage of photography sessions w/ Bentzs, the musicians in action (even the trumpeter–good!), the post-wedding events thoroughly covered…from limo to dancing at reception. Any guests that were included is also great! Looking fwd. to more as haven’t had a chance to see the unedited version. Your skills are extraordinary, and we are all grateful. This comment is given in sincerity: your work is “the BEST of the best!”  Blessings!”
~Donna (Mother of the Bride)


“Kevin and I watched the video and the bonus footage, it was greater then we could have imagined. When I first told Kevin I wanted to have this video done he thought it was a waste of time and money, but after he watched it he told me he was so glad that I got it. He was so impressed and so amazed at how much we missed during all of this that you were able to capture. Kevin stated “This is like a real movie”, of course I told him that is what I expected and that is why I got you for this. He  really enjoyed you, he said you made it fun and relaxing. We have yet to show our parents the video, but I can bet my life on it that his parents (who didn’t understand the point of the video and didn’t understand why we wouldn’t just have a friend video record it) will cry, and be so grateful that we had this done. Your video was the most important thing to me for my wedding (besides the dress of course) and you made it just that. Especially since I got to see and hear the guys before the wedding, like when Kevin stated, in an Arnold voice “remember when I told you I wouldn’t get drunk before the wedding, I lied” that was probably one of both of our favorite moments in that video. The way you were able to capture all the love, laughter, and happiness, is just amazing. Your name will be passed on to many, many brides to be, and others. I hope that if I ever have anything this important again I will be able to have you capture it for us.
Kevin and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful, most beautiful video that we could ever have. We will always be able to remember or wedding day, even when were 90 years old (HAHA).
Thanks so very much”
~Kevin and Erin

“[The DVD] was just perfect.  We absolutely loved it and we showed it on Christmas to the family and they all were blown away!   In fact, I just went out and bought myGrandma a DVD player and sent it with the DVD to her in West Virginia because I did not want her to have to wait  until the next time my parents went to visit – which probably would not be until Spring.  I am so excited for her to see it since she was unable to be at my wedding and now she will be able to feel like she was there. Thank you so much for everything.”

Happy New Year,

~Jerra & Mike


“Thank you for the wonderful video!  I’ve watched it almost 5 times now!  Kevin and I really enjoy the work and professionalism you put into our video.  It was such a wonderful day, and you helped capture all the beauty! It was a great pleasure working with you!  You are on the top of my referral list if I have any friends getting married.  You both were amazing! Thank you so much!”

~Amanda & Kevin


“Hey Lance – I just wanted to let you know that we watched our wedding video!  It was AWESOME!  You did an amazing job.  We both commented on how much time and creativity it must have taken to make such an amazing video.  I can’t believe how much we forgot about that day – it was all such a blur! So much came back to us, though. I’m so happy that we have this video for that reason. I could watch it over and over.  We even watched a bunch of the bonus DVD version – How fun!  Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this for us.  And thank you for being so much fun that day – we have been recommending you to everyone we know! Thanks again so much and we hope to see you at future weddings!”

~Stacia and Andy


“Tom and I could not ask for a better token to remember the biggest day in our lives.  The video captured things, that as a bride (behind the scenes), I would never have seen on my wedding day.  To Tom and I this video is priceless.  We will be able to look back on our wedding day and remember the little things that are so easily forgotten with time.  Thank you for being both very professional and very prompt with finishing the video.  We just wanted to give a special thanks to you for such a very special gift.  We would also like to thank you for adding the additional videos so we could pass them out to our wedding party as well as Grandparents that couldn’t make it to our wedding.  We would love to pass your name on to more of our friends that will be getting married in the future. Thank you for everything”

~Tom and Amanda Ross


“We cannot even begin to express how priceless our wedding day media is to us.  Because of Lance and Mary’s professionalism and passion for their work, our video far exceeded our hopes and expectations.  Their hard work and talent equals perfection. Not only is the final product incredibly remarkable, but Lance and Mary are absolutely wonderful to work with in the creation process.  They took the time to learn what our personal interests were before our big day in order to capture our theme.  They made us feel very comfortable, and they managed to capture EVERY detail when we didn’t even realize they were there! We owe many thanks and have great appreciation and admiration for L.C. Media.  They are truly the best around, and we couldn’t be happier or more pleased each time we relive our memorable day.”
~Ryan and Heather


“We just wanted to thank you once again for the beautiful wedding video. You captured all our priceless moments with family and friends. We could never express enough how happy we are with the work you have done. Than you for making our wedding day so memorable and giving us a video that we will treasure forever! We wish you the best of luck in the future and we plan on referring you to all our friends. Take care and have a wonderful year

~Tony and Amy


Corporate Media & Wedding Videography